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Top 10 Cheap Promotional Items for 2024 in Australia
  • 07 Jun, 2024
  • Top 10 Cheap Promotional Items for 2024 in Australia

Step into the world of promotional products, where all it takes is one giveaway to unlock the gate to brand brilliance. In this dynamic marketing field, the allure of effective yet cheap promotional items is irresistible.

From custom pens to reusable tote bags, each item is designed to boost your brand presence without draining your resources.

Cheap Promotional Products for 2024

Are you looking for cheap promotional items to boost your brand and increase business? Look no further!

Here, we have compiled a list of the top 10 cheap promotional items for 2024 in Australia, giving your brand perfect exposure without draining your pocket.

Whether you are preparing for a tradeshow, planning events, or just looking to boost awareness, these cost-effective picks are just the ticket—literally and metaphorically.

Custom Pens

There is no other promotional item as old but reliable as custom pens. This is a practical and cheap marketing tool that is also infinitely customizable. This brand exposure through promotional pens goes far and wide: offices, trade shows, and home use.

On top of that is the fact that you do not want to miss all the fun involved in coming up with a pen that matches your brand: color, style, and other customization options.

Reusable Tote Bags

With this current age of paperless awareness, using reusable tote bags has grown more and more popular and sought after.

Such eco-friendly bags save on plastic waste and are arguably a long-lasting, practical, and stylish way of carrying all items to the recipient.

By having your logo or message printed on these cheap promotional items, you promote your brand and associate it with the value of being environmentally friendly, which is dear to many consumers.

With a large imprint area and excellent visibility in public spaces, these custom tote bags are an excellent value for promotional items.

Personalised Keyrings

Though small, keyrings have powerful promotional value. Everyone uses these functional accessories for key organization, from house keys to office keys, making an ideal canvas for your brand message.

So, by personalizing these keyrings with your logo or message, you can be sure that every time one of your customers reaches for their keys, your brand will shine.

Whether attached to a set of house keys, car keys, or backpacks, these cheap promotional products with personalized messages offer the advantage of ongoing brand exposure.

Since a keyring is such a versatile product and appeals to a wide range of people because of its low price point, they're both effective and efficient for whatever campaign you may need.

Promotional Drinkware

From promotional water bottles to custom coffee cups to custom travel tumblers, promotional drinkware avails a practical and versatile means to brand your product.

These cheap promo items are suitable for all ages and make very effective marketing tools. With drinkware printing that includes your logo or message, your brand will be seen in use when somebody sips.

This brings your brand top of mind with them at home, in the office, or on the go. Your message is actually repeated every time they take a sip.

Custom Printed T-Shirts

Custom printed t-shirts, fun and always stylish, carry the entire product line. Be it employee giveaways at a corporate event freebies at a trade show, or sold at a concert as merchandise, these cheap promotional giveaways ensure that your brand message is seen by many.

With a large imprint area and excellent visibility, t-shirts offer great value for money as an advertising specialty. Moreover, they have the added advantage of turning the wearers into walking billboards for your brand, and the effect reaches more than just the recipient.

Customized Notebooks

The humble notebook has become a must-have accessory in today's digital world for jotting ideas or notes or even keeping things organized.

A customized notebook could be perfect and stylish for transferring brand messages, but it could bestow the user with something they will probably use daily: at work, in school, or at home.

Whether using them at work, school, or home, custom notepads keep your brand engagingly front and center when note-taking.

Custom Notepads: These notepads are full of perceived value yet inexpensive, making them one of the top cheap promotional products for 2024.

Personalized Car Air Fresheners

Personalized car air fresheners offer a practical and unique way to promote your brand. These inexpensive promotional items easily hang from rearview mirrors or sit on dashboards, emitting a pleasant smell while showing off your logo or message.

These custom car air fresheners are used in cars, placed on rear-view mirrors, and they are, therefore, in the eyes of the driver and passengers quite a lot, as they tend to fragrance for a long time.

Custom car air fresheners offer great value for money as a cheap promotional item while using them in their personal vehicles, company cars, or even rideshare vehicles.

Personalised Sunglasses

Custom Sunglasses, especially in sunny Australia, are an extremely trendy and practical way of promoting your brand. All age groups universally accept these fashionable and fun accessories and fit perfectly into outdoor events, beach days, or daily use.

This also presents a great opportunity to print the logo or message on the frames, which guarantees the brand will be looked at and remembered every time the recipient puts on their new sunglasses.

Because of this, personalized sunglasses are of high perceived value and ultra-popular, making them excellent value for money when used as a cheap promotional product in Australia.

Custom Lapel Pins

Custom lapel pins offer an excellent way to promote your brand subtly. These little wearables are usually added to the lapel of jackets, shirts, bags, and hats to let them be seen by the public.

When you customize it, the logo or message shows your brand and demands to be remembered wherever the recipients go.

Be it an employee wearing it at a corporate event, being used as a souvenir when distributed during a conference, or being sold as merchandise at a concert, these cheap promotional items in Australia have made their value worthwhile as a promotional product.

Eco-friendly Merchandise

Sustainable products align with a brand in a way that encourages eco-friendliness. Several things make sustainable merchandise handy, from bamboo pens to recycled tote bags and organic cotton t-shirts.

By using these sustainable and cheap promotional merchandise in your marketing campaigns, you can mitigate the negative environmental impact and create the appeal that customers are seeking from an eco-friendly product.

With sustainable merchandise, one perceives good value for money, as it adds volumes of perceived value from brands.

Key Takeaways

Hence, these top 10 cheap promotional items for 2024 in Australia provide excellent value for money and are sure to impact your target audience.

So, whether you want to increase brand visibility, engage new customers, or appreciate your clients' loyalty, these cheap promotional items are the current thing to use in the next marketing campaign.

Why wait? Start branding your company today with these low-priced promotional items, and watch your business take off!


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