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Woven Lanyards with Detachable Buckle


A lanyard is a small cord or strap that is draped around the neck to represent the imprinted organization. There are different shapes, sizes, and colo...

Double Metal Hook Lanyard


Lanyards are used by every organization to enhance their brand visibility through their employees as well as their representatives. Most of the lanyar...

Lobster Clip Lanyard


Lobster clip lanyard is a sturdy product that is made of polyester which makes it comfortable when it is worn around the neck. The lobster clip is a k...

Nylon Lanyard With Lobster Clip


These lanyards are easy to wear around your neck to firmly hold your keys, cards or quick needed stuff. They are made of soft nylon material which is...

Buckle Release Nylon Lanyard


Nylon lanyard is a strong and durable lanyard which is used to attach the ID cards and prevent loss or damage of the cards of from being dropped. It h...

Lanyard Phone Attachment With Trigger Clip


Make an introduction and maintain security with trigger clip lanyard which can not only be draped around the neck but it can also be used to hold the...

Custom Printed Lanyards Australia

Lanyards have be­come basic accessories in both professional and casual settings, giving an ideal mix of usefulne­ss and branding opportunities. Whether it's for ke­eping ID cards at meetings in Sydne­y or keys for a private journey across Australia, custom lanyards serve as a steady re­minder of your image. 

Furthermore­, custom printed lanyards are gre­ater than simply a piece around your neck; the­y may be a mobile billboard for your image. The­ir flexibility makes them suitable­ for various uses. 

The Benefits of Custom Lanyards Australia

Choosing custom printed lanyards for your promotional needs offers various advantages that can significantly enhance your brand's presence.

  • Continuous Exposure: As people wear printed lanyards in various settings, your brand enjoys continuous exposure.
  • Cost-Effective: When ordered in bulk, custom printed lanyards from Australia are an affordable way to spread your message.
  • Personal Touch: Personalised lanyards make holders feel a special connection to your brand, increasing loyalty.

Types of Promotional Lanyards Sydney

The diversity in types of custom lanyards from Australia ensures that there’s an option to match every brand's specific needs and preferences.

  • Custom Logo Lanyards: Ideal for detailed logos or messages, these custom promotional products make your brand stand out.
  • Woven Lanyards: For a premium look, choose woven personalised lanyards with your design in the fabric.
  • Eco-friendly Lanyards: Promotional Lanyards made from sustainable materials appeal to those focused on protecting the environment and suit brands and people concerned with sustainability.

Customizing Your Lanyards

The key to making the best promotional items is its customization. Making your custom lanyards from Sydney unique can significantly impact how your brand is perceived.

  • Custom Prints and Colors: Choose specific colors and custom designs to align these personalised office accessories with your brand identity.
  • Attachments and Features: From standard clips to safety breaks, customize the functionality of your branded lanyards based on their intended use.
  • Material Choice: Select materials for custom made lanyards that not only look good but feel comfortable to wear, enhancing the user experience.

Printed Lanyards as Promotional Tools

Using personalised lanyards from Australia can help keep your brand memorable for people. These cheap custom lanyards work well when combined with other custom desk accessories to make your promotional events more effective. 

  • Event Giveaways: These branded office supplies provide direct value to attendees at conferences, trade shows, and company events. 
  • Employee Recognition: Having personalised lanyards and custom pens can help your employees feel more united and professional.
  • Customer Loyalty Gifts: Reward loyal customers with useful lanyards and personalised notebooks, strengthening their relationship with your brand.

Partnering with PromoHub for Personalised Lanyards

Choosing PromoHub as your partner for custom printed lanyards from Sydney ensures you're working with experts who understand the importance of quality and brand representation.

  • Wide Range: Our selection of customized lanyards in bulk caters to all preferences, from simple printed to custom woven designs.
  • Quality Assurance: We focus on providing high-quality custom lanyards at wholesale prices that represent your brand with durability and style.
  • Worldwide Reach: Whether you're in Sydney or any other part of Australia, we deliver your custom printed lanyards right to your doorstep, ensuring your promotional campaign is a success.

Let's make your brand a part of everyone's daily essentials with custom lanyards from Australia.