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Multifunctional LED Keychain with Bottle Opener


This product provides the advantages of a keychain, bottle-opener and LED light for multi-purpose applications. It is made of zinc alloy metal with su...

Self Defense Keychain Alarm With Flashlight


Self defense keychain alarm flashlight is a versatile product that can be used as a keychain to organize and assemble the keys and it has an alarm att...

Mini Portable Compass Keychain


Compass keychain is a useful combo product that is used for finding directions and also accumulating the keys together. This is a round shaped object...

Metal Bottle Opener Compass Keychain


The metal bottle opener compass keychain is ideal for emergencies, camping trips, hiking, and other outdoor events to help its users to find out or se...

Aluminium LED Light Keychain


Aluminum LED light produces bright illumination in the dark without releasing any heat and the keyring attached to it organizes all the keys together...

Rectangular Led Key Light


Hand out the pocket-friendly rectangular LED key light to your customers and let them illuminate their way and alleviate any obstacle in their way. By...

Led Light Bottle Opener Keychain


Ease your daily activities by using 3 in 1 LED light bottle opener keychain, which is a pocket-friendly product and can be carried anywhere. The LED l...

Mini COB Flashlight Keychain


The mini COB flashlight keychain is an everyday use product that provides bright and powerful illumination which has a convenient ON/OFF switch button...